Rockfish rigs

Although our jigs are great for catching the bigger Rockfish. We now offer some great other rigging options for targeting rockfish and lingcod.


5/0 Glow Squid Flies are available in 4 glow colors.. (price is per fly) 5/0 Custom squid fly! These are tied and resin coated for super durability, tied on a Mustad 5/0 j- hooks.  each – Out of Stock until further notice

7/0 Custom Circle hook Shrimp fly! These are tied and resin for super durability, tied on a Mustad Ultra point Demon wide gap 7/0 circle hooks.   Out of Stock

5/0 glow SuperFly have been on fire for the bigger Rockfish! Rig one up above your favorite jig or rig 2 on a double dropper to fill the bag quick! 6/0 Superfly 1 per pack-

2 pack of natural shrimp flies.. these are tied on super sharp size 4/0 hooks. Great for adding a single fly up above your jig or creating an awesome double dropper loop rig. 2 pack

These custom Red crab shrimp flies are made on 3/0 and 6/0 Gamakatsu Nautilus circle hooks. These are high end flies that will get the job done on the big rockfish *Price on custom Flies is per fly

6/0 custom red crab circle hook shrimp fly – Currently Out of Stock

New Ultimate 6/0 circle hook fly rigs.. some guys were asking for a cheaper option than our high end custom flies so these are it! 2 hook rigs Come in red/yellow flash on sharp 6/0 circle hooks. Swivel at one end and loop on the other to add a weight of your choice.6/0 ultimate circle hook shrimp fly rig

These double octopus skirt 2 hook rigs come ready to fish with 2- 5/0 hooks rigged on a pre made gangion . Just clip on your weight and drop! Available in 3 colors



These 2 hook 4” squid rigs are perfect for big rockfish and lingcod. Pre rigged ling cod ultra glow rig. 4″ squid ultra Glow ling cod rig 2 hook rig

A long standing option for old school rockfisherman. These simple shrimp flies work great on the school sized rockfish. Shrimp fly 2 hook rig

5 pack of single rockfish flies. Great for adding a single fly above jig, or making your own custom rigs Shrimp fly 5 pack  single hook