Rockfish rigs

Although our jigs are great for catching the bigger Rockfish. We now offer some great other rigging options for targeting rockfish and lingcod.

Custom hand tied shrimp flies! These have been HOT on the bigger rockfish. Hand tied and resin coated to last for many fish. Limited quantities available.Available in Red glow, white glow, and purple glow 

Custom Glow white shrimp fly. Comes in 5/0 and 7/0 sizes. Hard resin head is built to last. Price on custom Flies is per fly

5/0 custom glow shrimp fly $7.50out of stock

7/0 custom glow shrimp fly $8.50 – Out of stock

2 pack of natural shrimp flies.. these are tied on super sharp size 4/0 hooks. Great for adding a single fly up above your jig or creating an awesome double dropper loop rig. 2 pack- $8.50

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These custom Red crab shrimp flies are made on 3/0 and 6/0 Gamakatsu Nautilus circle hooks. These are high end flies that will get the job done on the big rockfish *Price on custom Flies is per fly

3/0 custom red crab circle hook shrimp fly $6.50 -

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6/0 custom red crab circle hook shrimp fly $7.00-

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New 5/0 circle hook fly rigs.. some guys were asking for a cheaper option than our high end custom flies so these are it! 2 hook rigs Come in red and purple on a sharp 5/0 circle hooks. Swivel at one end and loop on the other to add a weight of your choice.5/0 economy circle hook shrimp fly rig $4.50 

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1oz Mac teaser jig. Rig up 18” above your heavy jig for double the fun!!   1 oz Mac teaser jig $7.50 –

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These double octopus skirt 2 hook rigs come ready to fish with 2- 5/0 hooks rigged on a pre made gangion . Just clip on your weight and drop! Available in 3 colors


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These 2 hook 4” squid rigs are perfect for big rockfish and lingcod. Pre rigged ling cod ultra glow rig. 4″ squid ultra Glow ling cod rig 2 hook rig $4.50 

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A long standing option for old school rockfisherman. These simple shrimp flies work great on the school sized rockfish. Shrimp fly 2 hook rig $3.95 

Custom hand tied shrimp fly. These flies are hand tied on 3/0 eagle claw circle hooks. Great for smaller schooling rockfish and whitefish. Durable resin coating makes sure they last.   Custom Hand tied Shrimp fly $4.95

5 pack of single rockfish flies. Great for adding a single fly above jig, or making your own custom rigs Shrimp fly 5 pack  single hook $4.00