Jig heads

Lingcod Jig heads are now available! We have sizes 4,8,12,16oz available. These awesome jig heads have a more natural streamlined profile than traditional bullet/triangle jig heads. We also added 2 tie on points which lets you adjust how the bait will swim in slow or heavy current.  These are a must if you are a lingcod swimbait guy/gal. Be sure to check them out and also take a look at our selection of Lingcod swimbaits. 

we have more colors coming soon. Limited colors available at the moment.

We designed our Lead heads with 2 different eyelets to effect affect how it swims. If there is a strong current the front eyelet will help it cut through the water easier, the back eyelet is best when current is slower and your jig is more straight up and down. Also some use the back eyelet to Tie on a trap hook if using a larger swimbait.