Grubs / trailers

Check out These awesome jumbo Lingcod pattern Madame lure swimbaits. These 10” grubs fit nicely on our 12 and 16oz jig heads. CUSTOM 10” Lingcod Grub tail
Our new Sqampi squid/scampi tail plastic is a great versaltile add on. It works great as a trailer to some of our jigs. Also works great rigged on a leadhead, or rigged up on double dropper loops for rockfish.
The Sqampis come in 2 sizes. 4” and 7” and 2 super Glow colors -The Pink Glow and Pepper Glow

Small 4”  Sqampi squid 3 pack

Small 7”  Sqampi squid 2 pack

Large scampi tail 10 inch
New 10” scampi tails are a perfect fit on our large 16oz dragonSlayer jigs, large 20oz and bigger octopus jigs, and fit nicely on 12 to 16oz head jig heads 2 pack of 10 inch Scampis
These great 8.5″ scampis are the perfect addition to our 12-16oz jigs.. 2 pack of 8.5 inch Scampis
5.5″ scampis are perfect trailers for our 4oz to 9oz jigs. These lingcod plastics give the perfect wiggle to entice ling cod strikes 3 pack of 5.5 inch Scampis
Our durable 6″ grubs will add plenty of action to your Jigs.. these fit perfect on our 4-14oz LingKiller jigs and also compliment our 4-12oz DragonSlayer jigs nicely! 3 pack of 6″ grubs  
We have a large variety of grubs and scampis to cover all your fishing needs!
We have a large variety of grubs and scampis to cover all your fishing needs!
New 4″ fish teasers are perfect for adding up above your jig on a teaser hook

New 10 pack of 4″ inch fish teasers Out of stock

GRUBS  Available in 6″ and large 10″ sizes

6″ glow grubs are great trailers for our LingKiller and squid line of jigs .
10″ big grubs are a great match on our bigger DragonSlayer jigs as well as all of our large 20-32oz jigs.

New 2 pack of  10″ grubs  

Ak-14 -14″ Alaskan grub! Extra large size for targeting the biggest Fish around! Extra durable can  take a beating and still catch fish.. Available in Snow white and glow White.

2 pack of AK-14 ..14″ Jumbo Alaskan sized Grubs..