New Lingcod Swimbaits and Lingcod jig heads

We have been asked to carry Lingcod swimbaits and Lingcod jig heads for a while and have finally added them to our website. We chose Madame Lure swimbaits to match up with our new Lingcod Jig heads for their durability, great look, and incredible fishy action. You can find both of these new items by going direct to our Lingcod Swimbaits page by clicking here —>> Lingcod Swim baits

We carry Madame Lingcod Swimbaits in 2 sizes that we feel are perfect for targeting big lingcod and rockfish! We have 5.5” and 9” available and 5 colors.
New Lingcod jig heads are designed with 2 different tie on point which gives you flexibility and maximum fishability. Tie it in front if current is strong for a more streamlined lure. The back tie on is great when current/drift is slow and gives it a better vertical action.
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