2020 Lingcod Season is here, do you have the jigs you need?

Hot LivingSquids have been the go to jig for many this season! Get yours today!!

The 2020 lingcod season is here and we have the hottest jigs for the season! Whether you are targeting shallow water lingcod or deepwater lingcod we have the lingcod jig sizes and colors to get you hooked up. Heres a little about some of our favorite lingcod jigs. Our LivingSquid lingcod jigs are great for all kinds of bottomfish and are favorites of many anglers up and down the coast. The LivingSquid jigs will catch Lingcod, all types of rockfish, halibut, and many other species. Our LingKiller lingcod lures are one of the first jigs we made and still one of the best jigs for Lingcod and Rockfish. Our Octopus lingcod jigs were some of the first on the market and come in a variety of colors that catch the bigger rockfish as well as the nicer Lingcod. Also one of the favorite of bigtime lingcod fisherman is our DragonSlayer jigs. These lingcod jigs have a wide head that allows a larger scampi, swimbait, or large single tail grub to be added on the hook for more action. All of our jigs come with single swing free Mustad hooks for great hooksets that dont get shook out by the big headshakes of monster lings. Check out our Ling cod jigs page of our website and get some in your box today!


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